Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Not Just About A Mouthpiece.

From GR Player Dustin McKinney.

Dustin exclusively plays GR Mouthpieces. Visit his website

"When traveling to Wisconsin to visit Gary, my intention was to find mouthpieces that would improve my set up. Instead of just a mouthpiece, Gary worked with me to find a solution that has resulted in profound improvements in my playing.
Prior to meeting Gary, I thought that choosing a rim was only for comfort. Gary explained that the lips must be supple and free to vibrate without unnatural impingement or manipulation. Once a rim was matched to me (a subtle change from a 66Q to a G66), the rest of the process was easy.
The stock G66*** ended up being a great all purpose match for my Yamaha Chicago Bb. Efficient, vibrant, and clear.
62 P-M with a #41 adapter made playing the opening to Bach's Magnificat nearly effortless.
Gary made something special for my Yamaha Chicago C. He used a G66 rim, #3 backbore and some killer math to make the most flexible and comfortable mouthpiece I've ever used on C trumpet. From fortissimo to pianissimo, this mouthpiece sings!
Spending time with Gary showed me that his knowledge, skill, and experience are unmatched. Gary's process gave me the confidence that all of my equipment was matched to me and that now all I have to do is play. No more worrying about mouthpieces!"

Left to right, all playing GR Mouthpieces:
Jon Lewis, Dustin McKinney, Miles McAllister

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